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Soft Furnishing Solutions for Bi-Fold Doors

I’m quite often requested to help clients with soft furnishing solutions for large bi-fold or sliding windows. With such an expanse of glass, which allows the light to flood into space, it can also too often cause issues with heat, glare and in the dark winter months, feel a little like being in a goldfish bowl. So adding soft furnishings to this space can very often be a great solution however I hear you say, which is the best solution.

Here are a few top tips:

1) Roller blinds- these can either be supplied with manual or automated track systems and in a variety of fabric choices including sheer, printed, custom made in your own fabric, plain, double roller or blackout

2) Vertical blinds- in a range of plain, sheer or printed designs again Manila or automated options available.

3) Ceiling or wall fixed curtain tracks, my personal favourite being a wave curtain track and curtain (see photo above).

I particularly like the Evans DS wave track system as it is a thin discreet track that fits to the ceiling, which helps as most large window frames fit direct to ceiling. The benefit of having a wave headed curtain is that it has a minimal stack, which means when the curtains are open they don’t take up much window space. Plus on the DS track system there is no light bleed above the curtain as the curtain sits neatly under the track. Plus another benefit is that it uses minimal fabric.

4) Roman blinds- these can be fitted in or outside the recess in a choice of fabrics

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