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Apex Curtains Sacha Boxall Interiors



Architects and home builders are increasingly favouring Apex windows, also known as Gable End windows, for a good reason. These windows allow an abundance of natural light into a space, making them particularly advantageous when there is a breathtaking view to enjoy. Moreover, they bring a touch of drama to any room.

However, it can be quite a challenge to find suitable window dressings for these windows. While there are several options available, it is crucial to receive sound advice and a comprehensive explanation of all the potential choices in order to make the best decision.

Among the various options, the least complicated and most cost-effective solution often involves the use of sloped vertical blinds. These blinds now come in a wide range of design styles, patterns, textures, and colors, ensuring a modern aesthetic that goes beyond the typical office look. Another possibility is pleated blinds, which are available in both manual and automated configurations.

When it comes to supplying bespoke options for homes with Apex windows, we possess the experience and expertise to create and deliver individualized solutions. Our in-house production includes Apex curtains made from either voile or standard curtain fabrics. These curtains can be tailored with standard or black-out linings, and patterned or plain fabrics to accommodate Apex windows of various shapes and sizes. This not only resolves the challenge of dressing this specific type of window but also frames and enhances its beauty.

If you are looking to furnish your home with beautiful bespoke made to measure curtains and blinds then I highly recommend Sacha Boxall Interiors.
Sacha has been amazing from start to finish with her knowledge, creativity and attention to detail. Her studio has everything you would need to furnish your home with.


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