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Roman Blinds Sacha Boxall Interiors


At Sacha Boxall Interiors, we take great pride in the exceptional quality of our Roman blinds.

The width of Roman blinds can range from as narrow as 40cm to as wide as 500cm (so far). Interestingly, the larger the Roman blind, the more we enjoy the challenge!

When it comes to positioning, Roman blinds can be installed either on the outside of the window or inside the recess of a window frame. I am here to provide you with expert advice on which option would best suit your specific type of window.

Our Roman blinds are designed with meticulous attention to detail. They feature a seamless front without any visible stitches and are perfectly level. You may want to consider the exquisite cascade/waterfall style Roman blind, which beautifully enhances each fold, or a simpler standard finish. By default, all our Roman blinds are crafted using a bonded/blackout bonded interlining and premium lining. These layers are carefully interlocked to ensure flawlessly formed folds.

To ensure utmost durability and smooth operation, our Roman blinds are installed on top-quality aluminium tracks. These systems are chain-operated and offer a wide selection of chain options to perfectly complement your chosen fabric. The chain choices include chrome, satin nickel, grey nickel, black nickel, copper, gold matt, brass, and antique brass. You can choose the preferred side for the chains to hang, and rest assured that they are compliant with all necessary safety breakaway regulations.

Additionally, we provide integral side returns as an optional extra for Roman blinds fitted outside the window. This feature effectively conceals the sides of the headrail, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

At our company, the safety of children is of utmost concern. Therefore, our Roman blinds, like all our other blinds, comply with the child safety legislation standards established by the UK BBSA.

If desired, Roman blinds can also be automated for your convenience. This means that they can be operated using a remote control or through a home automation/home assistant system such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, utilizing a home hub.

For a visual demonstration of how this automation works, please click here:

Sacha has now made three sets of Roman blinds for us and we couldn’t be happier with the results. She takes the time to advise on fabric choices and is always so patient and helpful with my indecision and inability to decide between all the lovely fabrics she has available. Her workmanship and attention to detail is amazing and, as I said, we really couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much Sacha!


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