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Lounge Bay Window Automated Roman Blinds

Lounge Bay window Roman blinds

My clients in Horsell, required automated Roman blinds for their newly refurbished lounge, they were looking for a 'Wow' factor that would transform their old plain lounge into a show stopper. They requested "soft furnishings that would make us smile" and that is what they received. They also required a pair of curtains on their French doors in the same fabric which we fitted to a custom painted wooden pole (photo's to follow)

This bay window Roman blind is battery operated, typically the recharge on these batteries is every few months and work using a remote control handset. There is also the function to pair with most home automation systems such as Alexa or Google home by also purchasing a home hub, simple to set up as its a plug and play system. Great to use if you're often away from home for any length of time, as it can also be operated from an app on your phone.


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