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My Top 5 Sleeping Tips for a Dreamy Nights Sleep

A good nights sleep is so important to our well-being and mindset. I happen to suffer from terrible insomnia, which over the past 18 months have been trying to find solutions to help give me a restful nights sleep.

Here are my top tips on how best to promote a good nights sleep and rest.

1# A great comfortable bed

A super comfortable bed in my opinion is top of my list, when it comes to getting a good nights sleep. Buying the correct mattress that suits your requirements, will be a worthy investment. Testing and trying out different mattress types is worth spending some time on. Good quality bedding, the correct tog duvet and firmness of pillows are also essential to get right. I like to use a variety of bedding layers, I have a separate duvet for the summer and winter to help with keeping me warm and cool, plus a sheet for the summer should I get too hot and a quilted bed throw for the winter should I need an extra layer. For really great beds and mattresses have a look at Love Your home

#2 Best window dressing

Whether you like to be woken by the sunlight streaming through your curtains or need to have a complete pitch black room, selecting the correct soft furnishings for your bedroom is critical to getting a restful nights sleep. Complete Bloc out roller blinds, black out lined Roman blinds and curtains will give you the best coverage if you require complete darkness in your bedroom. Standard lined curtains and blinds will provide you with a more natural way of waking. Providing advice and recommendations on what is best for your individual requirements, is certainly where I can offer professional advice and much experience with.

#3 Lighting

Choosing the correct lighting for your bedroom is absolute paramount to a good nights sleep. Do you know what your circadian rhythm is? well its your natural 24hr body clock. So by adding dim lighting to your bedroom, will signal to your body that its time to go to sleepy byes and will help to make you feel tired.

Now I don't know about you but if I'm surrounded by chaos and mess, I really find it hard to settle and relax. I would advise that you eradicate any unnecessary distractions in your bedroom

and helping you settle off on a good nights sleep. If you need help with decluttering your home, have a chat with Meirion for The Homemover

#5 Switching off

Finding ways to help you switch off at the end of the day, will really help you to settle of to sleep and more importantly stay asleep. Running a bath and adding magnesium salts, will easy any body aches and aide you to begin to relax.I highly recommend Better You magnesium sleep balms and bath salts. Regular meditation and gentle yoga is also a great way to wind down. Avoiding caffeine and sipping tea infused with camomile will also really help. Write down your to do list before you go to bed, turn off devices at least 30 mins before going to sleep. Read more & scroll less.


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