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3 Top Tips for Achieving an Inspiring Space

Our home/work space is a place that is a huge part of our lives and is why it’s important to ensure that this space really ‘feels’ right. When planning your home & work spaces many of us struggle with where to start I’ve put together 3 top tips on how to achieve your inspiring space.

#1 Firstly just take some time to really think about what your space is going to be used for & how you want the space to make you feel, for example if it’s a cosy snug, you’d want to think about which colours give you that warm & relaxed feeling, what lighting you’ll want to have in the room & what furnishings you can add to the room to give you the snuggly feeling.

#2 Snap away. When I start to plan a space, I always look for inspiration around me, this can be absolutely anything, I often find inspiration when I’m out walking my dog or to my studio, inspiration can come from anything, this could be a poster in a shop window, a plant leaf, flower Whatever it maybe, grab your camera and take a snap.

#3 Inspiration board Once you have a few snaps, start to compile an inspiration board, I often use Pinterest, make up a board for your space ie ‘Master Bedroom ideas’ then start to add those snaps into the board. You can also use Pinterest for inspiration to add to your board & again this can be anything, from a delicious summer cake to a posy of flowers, whatever gives you that feeling you want from your space. You can use a physical board, attach to a wall, magazine cuttings, paint cuttings etc

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